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Kangaroo Karrier

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Carriers are a necessity both for parents and babies. Get chores done while caring for your baby, go on outdoor adventures with your munchkin, and most importantly develop a strong bond and sense of security with your baby. 

The problem with conventional Carriers is that they use an H strap design which is notorious for placing significant pressure on the back and causing major lower back pain and injuries for carriers

  • The Sunveno carrier uses a state of the art cross design which allows weight to be distributed proportionately, preventing back pain, waist pain, and injuries

  • The Ergo(nomic) carrier's cross design allows you to effortlessly put it on and take it off! ONE SIZE FITS ALL
  • Conventional carriers place extensive pressure and cause discomfort in the baby's hips which can damage a baby's hip and cause permanent hip dysplasia. 


According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the spread "Frogman" position is the proper position a baby should be placed in when in a carrier to prevent any possible hip displacements and injuries in infancy.


  • The Ergo(nomic) baby carrier is designed to stabilize your baby in a proper and comfortable position, preventing any hip displacements or injuries, ensuring healthy skeletal development for your little munchkin! 


Pediatricians recommend that parents not use carriers for babies younger than 4 months as the lack of neck stabilization can cause whiplash and other neck injuries due to movement when the carrier is on.


  • With the Ergo(nomic) baby carrier you can use it with newborns up to 4-year-old munchkins! 






  • The Ergo(nomic) Baby Carrier has multiple spacious pockets that allow you to store important personal belongings and your baby's needs.


  • Offers multiple positions to carry your little munchkin! 

  • Protect your baby from the wind and other weather conditions so that your little munchkin is snuggled in warmth!


The Ergo(nomic) Baby Carrier is the state of the art baby carrier. Designed with safety, comfort, and efficiency in mind, this baby carrier was created to replace all baby carriers. Keep your munchkin safe and snuggled with this spacious backpack-like carrier that can carry your baby and your personal belongings! 




Carrier Type: Front Facing. front carry, Face to Face 
Type: Backpacks & Carriers
Pattern Type: Solid
Model Number: HC22094
net weight: 0.77kg
color: blue, pink, green, gray

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